We’ve all had moments in our lives when we taste a bit of excellence. Where it seems that everything is just clicking. You wake up feeling refreshed, there’s some sort of courage, confidence and enthusiasm inside that seemed to have come out of nowhere. Basically, you just feel good. This is a state known as a flow state. It’s a state that we all have access to and can experience much more regularly than the little moments that seem to go as quickly as they came. Sometimes the moment disappears at the first sign of discomfort (ache or pain in the body) or disagreement with your partner, something you hear on the radio or some other distraction that crept into the subconscious mind. And then, that state begins to quickly fade away as if it was never there. Now, most of us don’t stop to ask “why did I shift?” or “where did that feeling go?”. Most of us just move on through the day forgetting that moment was ever there. We align with the new state: obligation, daily tasks, taking the kids to school, clients, work, conversations etc etc. We lost touch of that state and didn’t bother to try and access it again.

Why would we, we’re too busy!?

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Unfortunately for so many of us, we don’t actively cultivate that feeling and state of consciousness-the flow state. As a culture we find solace in our habits, mindset and routines. We perpetuate more of the same because that’s what we are comfortable with and it’s maybe all we feel we have energy for. We forget (or don’t know) that we get what we continue to think/obsess about. As a result we get more of the same and we play small. Wouldn’t you like to play a bigger game? Don’t you think you deserve more?

What if there was more to this story? What if this state of flow was something that can be cultivated, experienced and called forth at will instead of fleeting remnants of possibility that we deem ourselves unworthy? What if there were actionable tools to implement to make this state more tangible? What would you do once you discover that your nutrition, toxic burden, gut microbes, mindset, hormones, brain etc could all be hacked to deliver this state at will and without much effort at all? Stay tuned, we are going to teach you how!

The Doctors Dads Podcast
The Doctors Dads Podcast

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As doctors, we see the chronic self abuse perpetuate states of unease that go on for years and contribute to disease. We see the accumulation of decades of self abuse, shame, discomfort, unsteadiness, lack of discipline and self care contribute to a state of ill-placed stoicism in regards to one’s health. As men, we get into the mindset of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. We collectively, in our Man Consciousness feel weak asking for help (or directions). We are afraid to show vulnerability and as a result create conflict with other men in order to look more desirable for any women nearby. We can get stuck in this mindset of competition with our fellow man because we feel insignificant, unworthy, unloved and self-abused. The reality is, that this state has been perpetuated generation after generation. Some of us were lucky enough to have parents that helped us program in more congruent mindsets. In doing so, this allows for easier access to our flow state with less obstacles.

However, we may still not be in a place where we are accessing it as we know we should. We’ve come to understand that it is more than just our mindset driving this problem. We see 3 BIG CONTRIBUTORS to this problem, what we call going upstream: TOXICITY, TRAUMA AND INFECTION.


metal fillings, medications, recreational drugs and alcohol, vaccines, environmental pollutants, GMO and non organic foods, cigarettes, paints, water supply, EMF etc


childhood, emotional, physical (injuries), surgeries, repetitive self abuse, chronic stress at work/relationships/finances


gut health, dental, latent viruses, mold, parasites, Upper and Lower respiratory, foodborne and travel.

Most of these things are insidious in onset and usually they all (in some combination) contribute to the dysfunctional state we live in What we don’t realize is that these upstream contributors literally deteriorate the structure/quality/health of our cells. The science of epigenetics teaches us that these external triggers as described above literally deliver an environment to our cells that activate genes in our body driving chronic inflammation. Perpetuated over and over as each year goes by this chronic state evolves into a state of disease.

Early signs may be: Fatigue, Brain Fog, Low Libido, Aches and Pains, Memory loss, weight gain, difficulty putting muscle on, lacking confidence, poor sleep, digestive issues etc

We ask: Why Me? Maybe it’s because I’m getting old? Or, we try to blame very specific events in our lives instead of looking at the bigger picture. There is a unifying principle here and that is Structure determines Function! If the external, internal and cellular environments are all changing state the function will inevitably have to change and adapt to the stream of information being delivered.

Many of us spend way too much time looking downstream, using bandaids to help us through the discomfort. Many of us are distracted with our addictions because being numb to a problem means we don’t have to deal with it. We delay things, procrastinate and then make excuses.

REMOVE THE INTERFERENCE and The Body will heal We are root cause doctors teaching all of our patients “you’ve got to go upstream”.

We will guide you through our own experiences and those of our amazing interviewees that will help us all usher in this new age of Optimizing Humanity that we can all embody.


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