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Episode #5: What Are The Pillars of Your Process?

We all use a blueprint or roadmap by which we live our lives that enables us to perform at our best. Dr. Nick and Dr. David share the pillars they have created for the Doctor Dads podcast community and dive into the importance of having your own pillars …

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Episode #4: Beware of Kryptonite- Toxins & Detox

Remove the interference!!!!! The reality is that we live in a toxic environment in this day and age. Since world war two more than 80,000 new chemicals have been made part of our environments. Those are 80,000 chemicals that our ancestors never dealt wit…

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Episode #2: Use The Force Within- Fasting

Fasting gives us effortless healing, hormone optimization, immune boosting, weight loss, and much more. Learn about the power of fasting and all the benefits of eating less often.  Dr Wardy shares some amazing insight into his why and how it literally tr…

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