115: Episode #114- SLEEP

💤 Sleep🌛

We spend a large part of our lives sleeping. Sleep is a vital component of our health and plays a huge role in how we show up daily, recover and repair, detox, and how we adapt to the stressors of our environment.

In the hierarchy of health sleep sits at the top of the list. We must sleep well for our bodies to thrive and for us to heal.

Poor sleep hygiene, insomnia, sleep apnea and  restless leg syndrome are some of the more common sleep issues many struggle with.

Dr. Nick and Dr. David get into the foundation of sleep health, talk about the sleep cycles, how much we should sleep, do’s and don’ts of sleep hygiene and more.

If you are not getting your Z’s or feel like you need better quality sleep then we may have some answers for you in this episode.

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