124: Episode 123- Restore Your S-Curve

If you wore your spine on your face you would probably take better care of it. Our spine is anatomically the most important part of our structure. It houses and protects our master system (the nervous system), it keeps us erect all day, it handles force and load continuously, and it plays the major role in how well we move.

Some of the more obvious contributors to poor spinal health are physical stressors like too much sitting/not sitting properly, lack of movement, poor mobility, poor lifting techniques, atrophy of musculature that surrounds the spine, poor sleeping postures, and trauma.

The reality is your nervous system has to deal with three types of stress continuously. Physical stress, biochemical stress, and mental/emotional stress all contribute to the structural integrity of our spine and our nervous system.

The health of our S- Curve or posture is an essential part of our overall health. Poor posture creates more physical stress on the body and effects the way we move and handle load and force. Chronic back pain affects millions of people and is easily avoided by taking care of yourself from the inside out. 

Dr. David and Dr. Nick interview Eileen Durfee from Creatrix Solutions. Eileen tells us her pain to purpose story that led her to owning and operating her online health and wellness website Creatrix Solutions. On her website you can find air purifiers, ozone machines, NIR saunas, skin care, enema kits, and more. 

We steer our conversation towards some of the structural health tools she sells and has helped create and develop. We dive deep into the BACK TRAC, THE NECK SHAPER, and her specially designed SPINAL FOAM ROLLERS that help you restore your s-curve.

Learn the importance of how the proper shape of your spine influences your health and get solutions to address it in this episode.


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