137: Episode #136- RESTORE HUMAN – Shape up the smart way, Move with confidence, Improve performance

Dr. Nick and Dr. David sit down with Restore Human Senior Coach Pax Frias. We dive into talks about building a better body through proper training modalities and understanding concepts such as tensegrity to reach your goals whether it be to eliminate pain and dysfunction or to improve performance.

Concepts we speak about-

– Understanding which systems need training to find resolution of joint issues

– The role your fascia and tensegrity play in the functionality of your entire body

– Having a goal in mind with the outcome that you want from your training

– How to find the right trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals

– and more……..

Pax Frias is a Restore Human Senior Coach with many mobility and fitness certifications and is an avid biohacker. Growing up in the Andes Mountains of Chile with a loving family, seven dogs and three cats, played a significant role in developing Pax’s penchant for being outside and in motion. Running along a deep forest trail, swimming in the ocean, climbing rocks or lifting logs on the beach, are all things he does for fun.

Realizing a deep passion to help people become strong, stay motivated, and cultivate vibrant health, Pax became a personal trainer. Then his adventurous mind and body lead him to explore things like Obstacle Course Racing, Natural Movement, the Wim Hof Method, and Functional Range Conditioning, among other approaches to wellbeing optimization. Drawing on these experiences, Coach Pax enjoys educating people on the power of creating and maintaining a healthy mind-body connection, which is the foundation for the goal of being fit for the long term.    

Alongside Master Coach K, Pax has delved deeper into the science and practical application of movement for health. Having assisted in teaching Restore Human courses in Europe and North America, he is a key contributor to the further refinement and execution of the Restore Human Method.

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