138: Body Ecosystem Hierarchy – Part 1 The Extracellular Matrix

The Doctor Dads are back!!! After a short hiatus Dr. David & Dr. Nick are back and bringing you some exciting content, guests, and conversations in the upcoming months. To kick off the return they will be doing a multiple part series breaking down the body ecosystem hierarchy. When looking at the body as a whole they is a hierarchy of the importance each system plays in coordination with all other systems. Each having their specific role and rhythm that plays out for the whole to be in coherence and harmony.

In part one we begin with the extracellular matrix. Connecting every cell to every other cell, every system to every other system, and constantly moving energy and information through our body our fascial network is the most important system to keep the whole connected.

Body Ecosystem Hierarchy

  1. The Extracellular Matrix
  2. Brain
  3. Lymphatic (Immune)
  4. Gut
  5. Vascular
  6. Nerves
  7. Organs
  8. Endocrine
  9. Musculoskeletal
  10. Local Tissue

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