140: AIRWAYS- Biological Dentistry — Oral and Overall Health

We have a returning guest on this week’s podcast. Dr. Noha Oushy DDS joins us again for a continuation of the discussion we had with her in episode 112. 

The mouth is a window into your body and our smile has an impact on our entire health. Taking a holistic wellness approach when getting care for your teeth and mouth is essential to prevent certain illnesses and disease.

From safely removing amalgams to infection and bacteria that can enter the bloodstream through the mouth which can lead to heart disease, respiratory infections, as well as other health issues. Our bite, tongue, and jaw influences our airway which is the main way we breath life force energy (oxygen) daily.

Biological Dentistry factors in the connection between mouth and body into every examination and treatment provided to help patients achieve a lifetime of great health.

We continue our conversation and dive into airways. Conditions like ADD & ADHD and Sleep apnea are some of the more common conditions that can be associated with an airway problem. Symptoms like:

  • Chronic Snoring
  • Dry Mouth and Lips
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of Energy During the Day
  • Mood and Behavioral Changes
  • Sore Throat
  • Waking Up Gasping for Air

There are many things in our mouth that can cause an airway problem. Dr. Oushy schools us on what she looks for, why, and the type of solutions necessary sometimes to correct these problems.

Dr. Oushy is proudly the only dentist in El Paso and southern New Mexico to be SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certified by the IAOMT, Accredited as a Biological dentist by the IAOMT and certified with the IABDM. She always seeks the safest and least toxic ways to take care of her patients. When she is not with patients, Dr. Oushy is probably spending time with her husband and her twin daughters. She loves to cook, travel and do fun projects with her girls.

Learn more about Dr. Oushy by clicking the link below


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