141: MORE HAIR NATURALLY — Using Stem Cells, Peptides, and Probiotics to Fight Thinning Hair

Shedding, thinning and loss of our hair is a concern for many. There are many reasons we can start to lose our hair starting with genetics, high stress, toxicity, medications, hair products, and more. With all the solutions available it hard to navigate which solution actually gets to the root cause. 


Like anything we should approach for our health, getting to the root cause is vital to get the results you are looking for. The Doctor Dads interview Mahryah Shain the owner and developer of More Hair Naturally.


We discuss:

-Causes of hair loss

-What DHT is and what is the root cause of us losing our hair

-Past to present hair solutions

-Lifestyle habits that promote hair growth

-How Red Light LED and other things help but won’t get to the root cause

-Current products for hair regrowth that have long term toxic side effects

-Why it’s important to start supporting hair restoration early on

-Why More Hair Naturally uses the science based natural ingredients in their products

-A realistic time frame to see results whether it’s genetic or stress related hair loss


More Hair Naturally creates natural topical treatments for thinning hair that combines stem cells, peptides and probiotics into powerful and easy to apply solutions. Custom formulated in Southern California, there have NEVER been products for thinning hair like these before. No drugs, side effects or lifetime usage. Just Results.


Learn more at morehairnaturally.com

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