145: Episode #144- TRUSCIENCE Liquid Collagen w/ Dr. Brett Brimhall

We all know have been told how important collagen is. In the past few years people have been loading up on collagen to address all kinds of health issues from gut problems, joint pain, hair, skin, nails, and more. The reality is we just aren’t seeing the results.

Dr. Brett Brimhall joins us on the podcast to discuss a liquid collagen supplement that is different in many ways.

What we discuss:

-Life vantage Difference

-The importance of activating collagen

-Nutrigenomics: Nutrigenomics is a field that combines the study of nutrition and gene expression. Scientists working in this field investigate how nutrients and other bioactive components in food affect important metabolic and physiological processes by “turning on” or “turning off” certain genes.

-The results people are experiencing with Truscience Liquid Collagen

Liquid Collagen is a different, better collagen supplement. Your body’s ability to produce its own collagen decreases significantly starting in your 20s. This daily boost of collagen and exclusive botanicals activates your body’s collagen production, replenishes your depleting collagen levels, and maintains those levels by reducing enzymes that break down collagen. It also helps protect against the damaging effects of oxidative stress, caused by free radicals. The proprietary ingredients in this delicious blend have been clinically shown to deliver visible support to skin health and hydration in 8 weeks or less. Your skin looks smoother, softer, and more even, with improved elasticity. With more youthful looking skin, you’ll glow with True Confidence. You get real results that you can see and feel.

TrueScience. True Results.

Results from a cell culture study on a key ingredient in Liquid Collagen showed collagen density increased by 100%.

Clinical trials on key ingredients showed improvements after 8 weeks.* Individual results will vary.

  • Increased collagen density by 42%*
  • Increased catalase (antioxidant) by 202%*
  • Increased skin moisture by 18%*
  • Increased brightness by 5%*
  • Increased smoothness by 10%*
  • Decreased depth of crow’s feet by 22%*
  • Improved appearance of pores and spots by 10%*


A cell-culture study on red quinoa revealed how this ingredients works to help support health skin*:

  • Increased activation of SOD gene up to 27 times to produce antioxidants that can help defend skin cells from oxidative stress.*
  • Upregulated epidermal barrier structure genes (TGM1, KRT1, KRT10) by up to 5 times to support skin’s strength and resilience.*
  • Upregulated gene that provides instructions on how to make parts of Type I collagen (COL1A2) by 43% to support collagen production.*
  • Downregulated activity of gene that produces enzymes responsible for degrading collagen (MMP9) by up to 33% to help maintain collagen you already have.*

What’s in it?

  • 10 types of naturally derived collagen peptides ((I, II, V, VIII, IX, X, XI, XVII, XVIII, XXVIII)
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO

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