146: Episode #145 – Institute of Human Anatomy w/ Justin Cottle

The Doctor Dads interview Justin Cottle, Lab Director and Content Creator of Institute of Human Anatomy.

Founded in 2012, the Institute of Human Anatomy is a private human cadaver lab dedicated to providing anatomical, physiological, health, wellness, and fitness education to health professionals, pre-license students, and via social media, to the general public. They work directly with career and vocational colleges, accrediting agencies, medical device companies, and individual healthcare and wellness professionals to further advance education and medical understanding of the human body and its many systems.
Since 2014, Justin had been teaching in both the classroom and lab with the help of fully embalmed (preserved) human cadavers. They do all the dissections in-house, and it’s been his job to maintain the cadavers, as well as teach with them when groups come for in-person labs.

In late 2019, Justin took the company online and began posting cadaveric based content on TikTok, of all places. It’s not hyperbole to say that they were an overnight success.
Since then, they now have 16M+ followers on social media and 900M+ videos viewed.
Their mission is simple; educate as many people as possible about the one thing we all carry with us for the entirety of our lives — our bodies.
In this episode we dive into the fun work that Justin gets to do daily. Justin shares his favorite parts of the human body and we get into talks about the variations of anatomy found in the human body, the brain and nervous system, the extracellular matrix (fascia), the heart, and more.
Below are links to connect with The Institute of Human Anatomy and Justin Cottle
Website- Institute of Human Anatomy
Youtube- Institute of Human Anatomy
Youtube- The Dissection Room

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