147: Episode #146 – LONGEVITY Living Longer and Better w/ Chris Burres Founder & Chief Scientist at MyVitalC




Published author, Host of the Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity Health Summit, patent holder with a surprising twist –he’s not just a visionary scientist but also a master of comedy improv. Chris Burres is the founder and chief scientist at MyVitalC, where he manufactures a Nobel Prize winning molecule responsible for the single longest longevity experimental result in history, a full 90% extension of life.


In Chris’s book Live Longer Better, the book tells the life story of Christopher Burres, the cofounder of SES Research Inc. in Houston, Texas, the nation’s largest manufacturer and supplier of scientific-grade carbon 60, and explores how his work with the Nobel Prize–winning scientists who discovered this miracle molecule made him revitalize his thinking—revealing that all of us can live an exciting life, longer and better than we have ever imagined.

Link to Chris’s book LIVE LONGER and BETTER


Get access to the Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity Health Summit. Join Chris as he interviews over 50 experts who understand the aging process and what you can do to slow or halt it, and discover what you can do now to extend your healthy life span!

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Discover a wealth of information at this event, covering topics such as:

  • Using genetic & functional testing for longevity
  • Key mindsets for living a long, healthy life
  • Holistic approaches to supporting your bone health
  • How to adjust your workouts as you age
  • Identify YOUR perfect diet for aging well
  • When to choose traditional vs. alternative medicine
  • Info on peptides, supplements & biochemical optimization
  • Strategic daily habits to defy brain aging
  • Insights from people who have lived past 90
  • PLUS talks on hair loss, weight loss, blood sugar & more!


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