148: Episode #147- Your doing all the right things but you still don’t feel well

Episode #147

What do you do when you aren’t recovering?

You’re eating right, exercising, meditating, getting outdoors, supplementing, and sleeping well but you still aren’t recovering.


Join us as we talk about what we do when we aren’t recovering well. Dr. Nick shares his journey with our listeners about his struggles with recovery and what he had to do to look deeper into “WHY” he wasn’t healing.


What we discuss:

-Finding the sticky points in your Labs

-Training intensity and frequency

-Recovery Tools- Cryotherapy, Sauna, Somatics, etc..

-Diet – Deficiencies? Why eating more animal protein might be what your missing

-Mental/Emotional Stress and how it plays into your physical health

-The aging body and why we need to support it differently as we get older

-Recap on Bio-Protein results and testimonials- better brain function, more energy, better sleep, quicker recovery, increased libido, improved immunity, and more





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