151: EPISODE #150- Health Span vs Morbidity Span w/ Don Moxley

What does longevity mean to you?

The Doctor Dads bring Don Moxley on to the podcast to talk about all things longevity.


Don Moxely is a leader in the sports and performance space with 30 years of experience. Formerly a captain and Big 10 Championship winner for Ohio State University, Don later served as the school’s first sports scientist. Through his work on HRV and human optimization, Don created a method of predicting match outcomes based on athlete’s health metrics. With this method, Don helped athletes win two olympic medals, four world championships, seven National Championships, and  produced a total of 23 All-Americans. Since his time at Ohio State, Don’s focus has been to advance human performance and optimization for the masses, working in wearable technologies, fitness, and nutraceuticals.

Don drops some amazing nuggets about the importance of starting now to decrease your morbidity span and increase your health span.

Did you know the average lifespan now is 76 years old?

Did you know most people’s health span is 62 years?

That means the last 14 years of life you will spend in poor health having the american healthcare system vacuum you financially as you slowly waste away.

So what does Don say about longevity….. Longevity is all about increasing your health span and compressing the morbidity span.

Don shares 4 rocks in the jar of longevity:

  • Movement
  • Nutrient Dense Food/Supplementation
  • Sleep
  • Light
  • Purpose (JAR)

Other topics we dive into:

  • Fighting inflammation to prevent disease in your last third of life
  • THe power of using HRV 
  • HRV and its role in recovery and longevity
  • Supplementation to increase your HRV
  • The importance of starting NOW to invest in your health


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