EPISODE 100- 10 RULES FOR RESILIENCE Mental Toughness For Families w/ Joe De Sena Founder & CEO of Spartan Race

The Doctor Dads interview Joe De Sena on his latest book 10 Rules For Resilience. Afterwards Dr. Nick and Dr. David discuss some of the rules that Joe highlights in his book along with their own stories and experiences as parents and how they are trying to build resilient kids of their own.


Joe De Sena’s new book, 10 Rules for Resilience: Mental Toughness for Families is a guidebook for becoming more resilient, so that we can raise more resilient kids. Built from life but backed by clinical experience, Joe and his co-author, Dr. Lara Pence, team up to provide a framework that will help you grow into the best version of yourself and develop the skills needed to parent with resilience as your compass. It’s a no B.S. guide that will leave you feeling more confident, capable, and courageous in the most important job of your life: being a parent.


In 10 Rules for Resilience Joe outlines his 10 principles for building True Resilience—a term he uses for a body and mind that have been carved out of hard work, challenge, and failure.


10 Rules for Resilience teaches how to parent from the position of True Resilience and change your family’s life, including techniques such as:

• A framework for living, being, and parenting that will prepare you and your family for anything.

• Proven techniques derived from clinical research and experience to set the whole family up for better, more effective coping skills.

• Family activities that supplement each rule of resilience and help you put the reading material into real-life action.

• A robust values exercise to help your family create a solid vision statement.

• A five-step model to increase your fear IQ.






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