Episode #106- NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming w/ Jan Marszalek

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Most of us communicate in only one form of communication. Some are blessed to communicate in more than one, most without being aware of this. In order to truly connect and establish rapport with others we have to communicate with them in their primary form of communication. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and auditory digital are some of the different streams of communication by which we all communicate.

NLP is a state of the art set of communication methods for enhancing personal and professional development and for creating personal change gracefully. NLP is also described as software for your brain — allowing you to automatically tap into the kind of experiences you want to have.

It lets you model, and/or copy, human excellence in any form. With NLP, you can identify what makes someone exceptionally skilled, and get that skill for yourself or teach it to others. NLP can help you become adept in whatever is important to you, whether that means getting along with your family and co-workers or being more effective on the job.

NLP is valuable wherever human communication skills can enhance results — in business, consultation, management, negotiations, education, counseling, therapy, relationships, parenting, nursing, public speaking, sports performance and many other areas.

NLP can allow spousal relationships to improve becoming stronger and healthier, parents to understand and communicate with their children better, children to realize how powerful their thoughts are and make better decisions and accomplish great results, a salesperson to significantly increase their business, a therapist to change the impact of the past in a client, a teacher to change a poor speller into a good speller, a business person to gain rapport non verbally and to run meetings efficiently, an athlete to improve concentration, and more. The results you get depend on the specific application, and with NLP there are many.


Jan Marszalek is a master trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Before forming NLP Learning Systems Corporation in 1982, Jan spent 12 successful years in Sales and Sales Training. NLP Learning Systems Corporation is the oldest and largest NLP Training Center in the Southwest, with international programs in Canada, England, Hawaii, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland and Zimbabwe. Jan’s 40 years of experience in the field of brain/mind research, coupled with real world business applications, make her training style and presentation dynamic, highly informative and entertaining. Certified by the International Society of NLP and recognized as one of the most successful NLP Trainers in the world, Jan consistently, and creatively offers the very best in NLP Training. In addition to the 3-4 manuals Jan has written and published, she has also been featured in the nationally released book, “Cases of Women Who Have Won™.”


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