Episode #108- PLAYING IN THE DIRT – The key to sustainable health!

The similarities and connections of the human body and mother earth are undeniable. Each harnessing energy and working to maintain homeostasis to survive and thrive. Removing interference from an environment to allow it’s innate ability to return to balance is the answer for not only our healing but for our planet as well.

There is a mirroring of our relationship with mother earth and the awareness of our health and how our bodies function. Connecting barefoot by grounding, getting our hands in the dirt and growing our own food, eating energy rich food that the soil provides, to understanding the seasons of both healing and our planet all give us a better understanding about the principles of what feeds health and what feeds disease for both us and our planet.

We are not separate from mother earth and must start moving back to a lifestyle that maintains connection to her. 


Benjamin Page D.C. is passionate about the ecosystem of cells called the human body and the ecosystem we are part of called planet earth. He has dedicated over 15 years to the study of health and wellness and regenerative agriculture.

Ben is a chiropractic physician that works in the wellness paradigm. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. Since graduating he has worked helping people understand the potential they have to heal and maintain health and well-being.

He is an urban gardener growing as much nutrient dense food for his family as possible.

Ben has a podcast in English and Spanish where he focuses on health and wellness. He also talks about permaculture and modern survivalism as important lifestyle choices in our journey to finding health and well-being.

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