Episode # 54- BORN AT HOME –The Modern Mom’s Guide to a Calm and Healthy Home Birth in a Hectic World!

In the United States alone, roughly 1% of all births take place every year at home or at a birthing center. While this percentage may not seem significant, it does, however, represent a very real shift in the minds of more and more women away from conventional thought which tries to dictate that hospitals are the only safe places to give birth.

This episodes guest is author Alejandra Alvarez and we talk about giving birth at home. Alejandra has had all four of her children at home. Her book, Born at Home is her attempt to raise the level of awareness of home births in order that women may have a safer, less invasive, and more personal childbirth experience. From her journey, countless other women have been inspired to take their own journey of giving birth at home.

Alejandra Alvarez is the Vice President of Vista Hills Family Dental. In 2008 she earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Management and Administration from the Hubbard College of Administration. She is married to Dr Jose Alvarez and they are proud parents of four amazing children.



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