Episode #61- Cell Membrane Health – Restoring or boosting your cell’s brain for body-wide healing

Your body is made up fo over 70 trillion cells. Every cell in your body has to be able to receive information and nutrients, interpret, and carry out a job. Without the optimal function of our cell’s brain this innate intelligence begins to breakdown and leaves us not feeling well and will eventually lead to dis-ease. Whether you have a chronic illness or you are beginning to not feel well, this is a vital key in your success of your healing journey.

The Doctor Dads discuss the importance of regenerating the cellular membrane as a foundation for long-term healing and to support all health challenges. This is often missed by many as a major contributor to why they still don’t feel well. Truth be told: the body cannot heal itself until the source of illness is removed.

The membrane (brain of the cell) holds the intelligence of the cell and plays a major role in detox, turning genes on and off, regulating hormones, and is truly where healing begins. The membrane acts as the gatekeeper to a city that lets in what is needed for the city to function and survive. If the gatekeeper shuts down, the city will eventually deteriorate. In healthy individuals, the supple lipid bi-layer of the membrane allows nutrients to flow inside easily, and toxins and free radicals to leave unimpeded. If inflamed, nothing can come in and out, so the cell becomes a toxic wasteland and illness results. The membrane must be regenerated for body-wide healing to occur.

Since the membrane is made of fat, a key to its regeneration is consuming healthy fats. Healthy fats in the correct ratio and parent form act as building blocks for the membrane, and down-regulate inflammation, improve cell membrane potential and promote proper cellular function. Healthy fats work to fix the outer and inner membranes, support mitochondrial function, and influence learning, sleep, thermoregulation and pain threshold.

To restore or boost membrane regeneration, avoiding toxic fats, supplementing PEO’s, eating a diet full of good fats, and all the nutrients needed to fix the cell is essential for long-term healing.


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