Episode #65- BioPhotonic Therapy & Ozone

Light has been used to treat disease for thousands of years.

Imagine being able to put light packages into your body that travel to areas of damage in the body and create healing.

Ultraviolet blood irradiation is a BioPhotonic therapy that infuses your blood with light. Its has germicidal, rheological, immune modulating, and oxygenating effects. Individuals with an autoimmune disorder have positive responses to this powerful therapy. It’s over seventy years old, has virtually no side effects, is inexpensive, has an efficacy rate of sixty to eighty percent, and has a positive effect on over sixty diseases.


Our guest Tome Lowe schools us on the science, effects, and healing that comes from UBI & Ozone. Biophotonic Therapy & Ozone are powerful natural therapies that can be used for acute and chronic health problems and may just be something that will work for you.


Tom Lowe is an entrepreneur, researcher, teacher, designer, inventor, and marketer. He is the designer of the updated UBI Azura device and new accepted protocol and trains physicians at conferences and clinics in Japan, the Philippines, Ukraine, Mexico, Cuba, Spain, and the United States. His ultraviolet device is used for more than 50,000 treatments in 16 countries each year.

He is the international president of the Society of Progressive Medical Education, and developed and oversees the Physicians UBI Awareness Center website and the Physicians Ozone Awareness website.

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