Episode #68- Mentor To Millions… Secrets of success in business, relationships, and beyond

Work life and home life are two different worlds and for many of us trying to balance life between both worlds can be a challenge. Returning guest author Mark Timm joins the Doctor Dads once again to give powerful guidance, words of wisdom, and mentorship.

Topics discussed:

Why having mentorship in your life and being a mentor to others is a vital part of your growth and evolution

The power of holding family meetings and how it will create accountability, pride, unity, and growth for the whole family.

How to find the balance between work life and home life and how reframing the way you look at life can send you in the right direction of finding the synergy of both worlds.

and more……..

Marks new book Mentor to Millions charts Mark’s journey that lead him to a whole new understanding of how work, life, and relationships can coexist and thrive together. His guide through this journey: his accomplished mentor, Kevin Harrington, one of the original “sharks” from Shark Tank, who shares amazing stories and imparts invaluable wisdom about how to win in business and in every area of life.



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