Episode #71- Addressing The Elephant In The Room

We all have had to adapt to the current state of times. Some of us have made our way along while others are struggling. Some of us have a broader view of our new reality while others have narrowed their lens.

The onslaught of emotional distress due to fear, worry, and grief have impacted so many and has come with its consequences for physical health, emotional well-being, and our connection to others. There are many questions that concern us all from quarantine, wearing a mask, accurate testing, social distancing, those at higher risk, vaccines, and much more.

The Doctor Dads have a dialectique on our current state of affairs and how it is impacting us all.

Topics Discussed:

  • Risk Factors for the new bugs in our environment
  • Unadaptive Lifestyle Health Risks
  • Fear
  • Relationship with Death
  • Creating understanding and connecting with others
  • Vaccines- There is no one size fits all
  • and more

Change is part of our journey and we all must move forward together.

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