Episode #74- FOCUSED LIFE-FORCE ENERGY- Supporting a higher level of consciousness

Our birthright is to raise our consciousness and find enlightenment on this journey of life. Some of us are aware of what the power of prayer can do. What if this power could be focused and you could exist in it 24/7? Well now you can!!!
FLFE creates a positive energetic environment that supports the consciousness of your space and gives you more energy to improve the quality of your life. FLFE is a consciousness technology. Dr. David Hawkins discovered that fields of consciousness are everywhere and not just associated with sentient beings. The FLFE device (part of the FLFE System) focuses life-force energy in a relatively small location and activates a high consciousness field. That field, in combination with our FLFE programs, produces results that are very similar to a person praying for some person or place or holding a very positive intention for someone.
What is FLFE?

Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) is a technology that activates a high-consciousness field. It recreates the feeling and benefits of high-consciousness sacred places. You can enjoy it in your home and business every day, and with FLFE Everywhere you can take the high-consciousness field with you as you travel.

How does it work?

The FLFE System activates a high-consciousness field anywhere. -Much like what can be found in places of worship or in pilgrimage sites where the focus of the teaching are love. A high-consciousness field has positive energy and life benefits from it. The consciousness of a place can often be felt by a person, for instance, at an old battlefield or in a cathedral, mosque or synagogue. You can create a field yourself with focus and a positive intention.

First, the FLFE System redirects and focuses life-force energy. Life-force energy (Also known as subtle energy, chi and prana) is a universal energy found throughout the universe.  This positive energy is focused in a location within a FLFE device. This is similar to a person sitting down and moving into a focused meditative state in preparation for sending a prayer, reiki or sending a positive intention.

Next, a unique identifier is introduced into the FLFE System, such as a legal address or coordinates for a property, a cellular phone number for a phone or a high-resolution photograph for an object. This is similar to a person holding in mind the person or place where they are sending a prayer, reiki treatment or positive intention. We believe that the person with a positive intention and the FLFE System both activate a field at the person or location instantly anywhere in the world.

The FLFE System next uses FLFE Programs or instructions to specify the characteristics of the activated field, such as the level of consciousness of it and the positive intentions in it. The activated field becomes a high-consciousness field. This is similar to a person holding a positive intention, emotion or prayer in mind, which affects the field they created at a place or person in the previous step.


Benefits of FLFE:

  • TO HELP YOU GET A FRESH START EVERY DAY: FLFE is programmed to clear the negative history from the land and buildings to help you get a fresh start every day, free of any historical influence (which we may not even know about) and free of any newly created negative interactions and thoughts.
  • TO HELP YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY INCREASE: The high vibration, high-consciousness energy field enfolding the land and buildings supports the land to become more positive every day, and your personal energy to be lifted.
  • TO SUPPORT RELATIONSHIPS: The high vibration, high-consciousness energy field enfolding the land and buildings supports loving interactions and communication every day, enhancing the potential for positive relationships between you and others.
  • TO MITIGATE CONSCIOUSNESS-LOWERING EMFS: The unique characteristics of the FLFE high-consciousness field with the added energetic signature of Shungite harmonizes consciousness-lowering EMFs.
  • TO HELP IMPROVE LONG-TERM HEALTH: Spending time in a high-consciousness, high energy field gives your body access to that energy for healing. This is why people throughout the ages have traveled to sacred places for healing. Your body can begin healing projects long delayed for lack of energy. Our research has shown that the regeneration rate of cells increases when time is spent in a FLFE high-consciousness field.
  • TO SLEEP BETTER: The FLFE high-consciousness field and specific sleep programs support deep and restful sleep.
  • TO ENHANCE FOCUS AND ABILITY TO CONCENTRATE: The FLFE field supports the mind to be clearer of distracting thoughts and negative energetic influences in the environment are cleared. The body can have more personal energy and stamina so that longer periods of concentration can occur with more ease.
  • MEDITATION AND CREATIVE PURSUITS: The clarity of mind and the clearing of the environment, as well as enhanced personal energy, support deeper meditations and deeper states of creative expression.
  • TO ENERGIZE YOUR HOME BUSINESS: FLFE Home is designed for home businesses as well. Enhanced focus and clarity in business conversations as well as the increased personal energy can help you to be more productive and effective in your home business.


Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman are the founders of FLFE Innovations Corp, an international company located in Nelson B.C. They have become experts in the creation and management of high-consciousness fields, teaching courses and working with clients world-wide. FLFE Innovations is intended by the founders to be a “Business as a Spiritual Practice”. We have a dedicated team in Nelson and worldwide to support FLFE customers.


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