Episode #76- Mindful Parenting

Mindful- conscious or aware of something, focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.

As parents we have our moments and our children have theirs when it comes to the way we behave and navigate our day. Every parent at some moment has had the guilt trip of how they handled a situation with their child.

Our children are at the beginning of their journey and are still shaping themselves and learning to adapt emotionally to life’s challenges. A growing child has stages of change physically and emotionally. Adapting and knowing how to guide and nurture your child during these phases can be a challenge. We ourselves are having to learn and adapt along side with them.

Dr. Nick and Dr. David discuss the challenges of raising their children and what being a mindful parent is all about. From awareness to how you support you and your child’s overall health with a healthy lifestyle. Learn about your child’s nervous system and vagal nerve tone and how it can influence their behavior. How to recognize when they are stuck in sympathetic/defense mode and also when you are as well. Tips to create more mindfulness as a parent and much more.



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