We are light beings. A truth that many are unaware of, that once learned can reshape your perception of the power of your body.


The Doctor Dads interview Klaus Oehr who has spent the last 50 years in the field of chemical and electrochemical research and development. Klaus shares another lens to which we can look through to create a better understanding of what we truly are and how our bodies communicate at a molecular level.


We discuss:


  • Smart Molecules & DNA as hyperanalog transducer receivers of light frequencies
  • Waters fourth state in our bodies
  • Viruses and how to shield our cells from infection
  • Antioxidants as Photon receivers and transmitters
  • The importance of Sunlight, hydration, and antioxidants
  • The healing power of near infrared light
  • Toxins that disrupt our light communication
  • How gluten intolerance creates a glutathione deficiency
  • Intuition is the inhalation of conscious light & Intention is the exhalation of conscious light
  • And much more….

This is an amazing episode and we can’t wait to share this one, tune in and have your mind blown.



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