Episode #87- ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION- The “EMF Guy” Nick Pineault

The Doctor Dads tackle an important topic that we unfortunately can’t escape these days. The science is CLEAR, EMF or Electromagnetic Pollution is NOT SAFE.

Turns out all this technology we constantly utilize to make our days more productive and convenient does have a negative impact on our health. WiFi, bluetooth enabled devices, cell phone towers, and any wireless technology that we use is emitting radiation and we are being negatively impacted with this “Electro-Smog”.

We understand the importance of decreasing our toxic load but when it comes to Electromagnetic Pollution most people are lost. In this episode we talk to “The EMF Guy” Nick Pineault who happens to be one of the leading experts and researchers on this topic.


Learn more about Nick and EMFs by visiting theemfguy.com and learn how to protect yourself with his amazing online course at electropollutionfix.com


Nick Pineault “The EMF Guy” – author of one of the best-rated books on the topic of how EMFs impact human health and what to do about it — it’s called “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs.” His professional background is in communications, copywriting and journalism — and he’s been publishing writings about health and topics he’s passionate about for more than 10 years. Since late 2016, he’s become a passionate advocate for safe technologies, raising awareness around the EMF problem on well over a hundred combined podcasts, Facebook lives, radio shows, TV shows, and stages all around the world. His biggest goal is to incentivize tech companies, Governments, regulators and consumers alike to demand and develop technologies that are supporting the life of humans, animals and the planet.

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