Episode #91- Letters from a Father

As parents we are always striving to strengthen our connection to our children. The guidance and lessons we provide shape our children on their journey of life.

What tools/methods do you practice as a parent to find, strengthen, and maintain your connection with your children. How are lessons learned in your household?

On this week’s show we talk to Allen Carter the author of the book “Letters from a Father” about a powerful tool that can strengthen your bond with your children and teach them powerful lessons for life.

“Letters from a Father” is a collection of letters written by a loving dad to his teenage children over the course of their adolescence. The messages are heartfelt and timeless; they resonate with everyone and recall seemingly forgotten wisdom and values. 100% of the profits go to charity. This is something that Allen is doing simply because he believes that the message is so important.

You can find Letters from a Father by clicking HERE

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