Episode #93- FIX YOUR FEET

Dr. Nick interviews Dr. David on the importance of addressing the feet and their role in the many issues we experience with our bodies.

Our feet are our foundation and play a massive role in our posture and how me move. When the foot hits the ground the entire biomechanic chain is set off all the way to the head. The importance of having a strong functional feet plays a vital role in your structural integrity.

Many suffer from plantar fascitis, foot, knee, hip, and low back pain from weak and imbalanced feet. Our plantar vault has to be strong and responsive to support our daily activities. Unfortunately most practitioners brace the foot with an orthotic which does not correct the problem and often times will make it worse over time. Strengthening our feet addresses the root cause of many of the problems that lead to dysfunction.


We discuss:

  • -The plantar vault
  • -60% vault/40% fascia load principle
  • -your feet and their role in your posture
  • -root cause of plantar fasciitis
  • -why you don’t chase pain
  • -3 rules for when we choose our footwear
  • -and more


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