Our endocrine system is intricate and complex. It strives to maintain a homeostasis and harmony of our delicate biochemistry. It is composed of our pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, and gonads.

Interestingly enough, these glands have an enormous impact on our health, structure, and even our personality. By using our glandular type we can gain some insights into our physical and emotional characteristics of how we operate to assist us on our journey in life.

Dr. Nick and Dr. David discuss:

  • -The four glandular types
  • -Task oriented vs. People oriented types
  • -Unique characteristics of each type
  • -Structural weakness of each type
  • -Nutritional absorption issues of each type
  • -most people have 2 types with one dominant type
  • -The power of knowing your glandular type, your partners, and your kids
  • -And more…..


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