Episode #95- BRAIN HEALING

Dr. Nick and Dr. David continue the brain conversation from a few weeks back following Episode 89 Traumatic Brain Injury with Dr. Mark Gordon.

Our Brain (nervous system) receives, processes and transmits messages to and from every part of our body to help us respond, adapt, and recover from and experience our environment.

From acute physical trauma to chronic trauma from poor lifestyle habits, and emotional trauma our brains are affected by our environment and how we experience our world.

The Doctor Dads discuss:

  • Root causes from chronic sources of stress
  • Your digestion and the Gut-Brain connection
  • Your spinal health and how it affects your brain function
  • Symptoms of the brain struggling like low energy, brain Fog, poor sleep, can’t turn your brain off, getting stuck in your thoughts, inability to be present, and more
  • Habits, tools, and therapies for brain healing and optimization


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