Episode #99- COHERENCE- A Vitalistic Approach To Chiropractic

The nervous system receives, processes and transmits messages to and from every part of our body to help us respond, adapt, and recover from and experience our environment.

A Vitalistic approach to structural integrity requires addressing all the subsystems that contribute to coherence of our nervous system..

When all of the subsystems are tuned it brings coherence to our mind and body and enables us to show up as the best version of ourselves.


  • Neural – Brain and spinal cord
  • Living Matrix – fascia, connective tissue, extracellular matrices
  • Active – muscles and tendons and the interface between glands and muscles
  • Passive – vertebrae, discs, and ligaments
  • Emotions- Emotions are energy in motion. The shape, position, tone, and tension of the spine is directly related to the shape, position, tone, and tension in a persons life.


Taking a multi therapeutic approach to improve structural integrity by achieving coherence of the nervous system is a vital component of healing.

The Doctor Dads discuss taking a vitalistic/holistic approach to chiropractic. Dr. David explains the subsystems that provide integrity to our nervous system and spine and why each of them must be addressed to maximize healing.

We close with an intro into SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) for our homeplay exercises for our listeners.

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