Episode#83- LA MENTE – Taking a holistic approach to mental health

The Doctor Dads bring on returning guest Dr. Osvaldo Gaytan again to talk about mental health. Dr. Gaytan is a wealth of knowledge and has begun a new journey to change the approach of how mental/behavioral health challenges are treated. Getting the whole person well takes educating the patient on the importance of lifestyle medicine and the impact it has on their brain and mind.

Diet, exercise, and mindfulness practices like meditation/prayer are pillars of our mental health and play a foundational role in healing. We discuss the importance of taking a holistic approach to one’s mental health issues and why medication is not a long-term solution for anyone who struggles from mental/behavioral health challenges.

We discuss:

-The pillars of addressing mental health holistically- diet, exercise, mindfulness practice

-Medications and their place in healing

-The power of belief and how labels handicap individuals

-The physiology of emotional/mental trauma

-Taking a shamanistic approach to healing

– and more…


Dr. Osvaldo Gaytan has been a child psychiatrist in El Paso for over 12 years.  He was born in North Central El Paso and is a proud Panther.  He graduated UTEP in 1989 with Honors and a Bachelors in Science, he received his MD/PhD in 1999 from The University of Texas Medical School at Houston with his PhD in Neuropharmacology, and he  completed his residency in Adult psychiatry in 2003 from Emory University in Atlanta. He also completed a three year research focused child fellowship from Emory in 2006. He has been published as a first author in over 20 peer reviewed journals and done many presentations locally and nationally. 

Dr. Gaytan is committed to his patients and his community and is currently the Medical Director for the Child/Adolescent Unit at El Paso Behavioral Health System. He has also helped to establish The El Paso Child Mental Health Fund over the last few years as an effort to improve the mental health care of our children in the community.



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