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128: Episode #127- Trick or Toxin

The Fall is full of Holiday fun. Holidays not Holiweeks or Holimonths as we like to say. Decreasing your toxic load, especially this time of year is of the upmost importance for your health and well-being. 
Many people are plagued with colds and flu this…

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126: Episode 125- SELF CARE – Plan and Process

Living a healthy lifestyle means being pro-active. Changing your health goals and habits seasonally is a great strategy to create adaptation for your body to express optimal health.
Self care is an essential piece of a healthy individuals weekly routine….

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124: Episode 123- Restore Your S-Curve

If you wore your spine on your face you would probably take better care of it. Our spine is anatomically the most important part of our structure. It houses and protects our master system (the nervous system), it keeps us erect all day, it handles force …

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