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Episode #101- Dry Needling w/ Dr. Parul Haribhai

The Doctor Dads interview Dr. Parul Haribhai a physical therapist and therapeutic pain specialist. We focus our conversation on the therapeutic benefits of dry needling.
While still a relatively unknown procedure to many, this method is a proven pain sol…

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Episode #95- BRAIN HEALING

Dr. Nick and Dr. David continue the brain conversation from a few weeks back following Episode 89 Traumatic Brain Injury with Dr. Mark Gordon.
Our Brain (nervous system) receives, processes and transmits messages to and from every part of our body to hel…

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Our endocrine system is intricate and complex. It strives to maintain a homeostasis and harmony of our delicate biochemistry. It is composed of our pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, and gonads.
Interestingly enough, these glands have an enormous impact on ou…

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